As an animal lover, it can be easy to lose faith in humanity when you hear about how some people treat animals. We do all that we can to show compassion for the four-legged creatures (and two-legged ones too!) that share the planet with us, however, not everyone is as willing to do the same. When we are constantly bombarded with negative stories it can be easy to think of just giving up, but when we stop and also look at the positive stories, we can see what an enormous impact our kind actions truly make! If you are in a little need of inspiration to keep on fighting for animals, look no further than the story of Officer Passarella and “Pazzy” the kitten.

Police officers in Brooklyn, New York were called into action when someone reported a stray kitten who was stuck in a car engine. Homeless kittens often find themselves in this situation after they crawl into the engine seeking out a warm place to sleep. As you might imagine, this is an incredibly dangerous place for a small cat to be.


Luckily for this kitten, 27-year-old Officer Passarella works as a volunteer firefighter when he is not suited in blue, and knew just how to maneuver the little guy out of the car’s machinery.

“One of the cops at the scene calls me and said, ‘You have experience getting cats out of trees. Can you get a cat out a car?,’” Passerella told the press. Although this might have been a joke, he willingly took on the challenge.

After a little bit of coaxing and more than a few kitten scratches, Officer Passerella managed to get a hold of the kitten and pull him to safety.

Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!



The little kitten is only a few months old and his mother was nowhere in sight, so Passerella helped to find a loving forever home for the cat with one of his colleagues.

Safe and sound!


“[I’m] definitely ecstatic that someone I know personally was able to take the cat,” Passarella told ABC News. “Definitely gives me peace of mind knowing that it’s going to be okay.”

As the icing on the cuteness cake, the kitten has been named “Pazzy” in honor of his brave rescuer.


A big thank you to Officer Passarella and all the people involved in making this happy ending possible. Enjoy your new home, Pazzy!

All image source: New York Police Department