Ready to have your faith in humanity restored? After a truck driver was recently separated from his faithful companion, Bandit, two nurses from University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) helped the man get his dog back!

Unpredictably, Robert Prichard suffered a medical emergency and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. But Bandit had to stay in the truck, leaving Robert worried. “Called the ambulance and the Grundy County Sheriff Department had to come pick him up. I left the truck running, and they told me they took him to the Humane Society there at Cedar Bend,” Prichard told KCCI.


When Robert got to UIHC, he made sure to tell the nurses about the situation. Every single day he called the Cedar Bend Humane Society to make sure Bandit was doing well. Then, the shelter told Robert he had until 5 p.m. to pick up Bandit or the puppy be put up for adoption, putting Robert in a terrifying situation.

Thankfully, it seems like Bandit was never in danger of being euthanized. The Cedar Bend Humane Society told KCRG that they would only euthanize an abandoned puppy if the dog was sick or very aggressive. But still, there was a chance of Bandit being adopted out and Robert never seeing him again.

Understanding the deep connection many share with their dogs, two nurses drove an hour and a half to get Bandit and reunite him with Robert. “I didn’t think it was really fair for someone to lose their animal just because they were in the hospital, so I wanted to do everything I could,” nurse Erin Niles told KCCI.

“I appreciate it, and nobody has ever treated or helped me like these people have. … The main thing is I got my buddy back,” Prichard said.



Robert said he is going to take some time off from truck driving and spend quality time with Bandit. So sweet!

Thanks to the big hearts of two nurses, Bandit and Robert are now reunited and it’s clear that the two share an unbreakable bond that will endure for years to come. Know a dog lover? Send them this story to put a smile on their face!

Image source: University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics