Losing a pet is losing a family member. Having to put a pet down can often make the loss of that friend even harder. Vets not only have to help families make the hard decision of whether to put their pet down or not, but also have the responsibility of helping families cope with the loss.

This vet went above and beyond the call of duty. After having to put down their 10-year-old dog because of late stage cancer, the dog’s family was devastated. They had been able to make their dog’s last week a happy one, but losing this type of family member is hard. Their vet, understanding the hardship their family was going through, mailed them this letter, complete with a paw print of their late pup. The letter is a true reminder of the good people can do and the mark a pet can leave on your heart, even after they are gone.

The Beautiful Note a Vet Sent One Family After Having to Put Down Their Dog Will Bring You to Tears


Image source: what_fun_that_was/Reddit