Anyone who has loved a dog knows what a wonderful energy they bring to life. Dogs are wonderful companions who always know how to make us feel better, no matter what. As a result of this uncanny ability, dogs are often trained to be therapy animals. In this role, dogs help to bring a smile to people who are sick or injured to aid in their recovery.

Therapy dogs have been known to help people overcome great physical or mental disabilities and they are becoming more and more common in local hospitals or rehabilitation centers. However, Norbert the Chihuahua Terrier and Lhasa Apso mix is one-of-a-kind.


Norbert was born as an only child which is extremely uncommon in dogs who are known to have four or more babies regularly. He was also chestnut colored at birth and slowly changed to his gorgeous snowy white coat after two years. As if those two rarities weren’t enough, Norbert is less than half of the weight of your typical Chihuahua at just three pounds!

Just looking at this little cutie makes you smile, doesn’t it!


It’s not just Norbert’s looks that got him his job as a therapy dog. His guardian, Julie, noticed that this little pup had a joyful and calming effect on people since the second she met him. Whenever she’d take him out she found that he was always finding a way to make the people around him smile. After Julie saw this, she trained Norbert and together they passed the therapy dog licensing test.

As a therapy dog, Norbert provides emotional comfort and joy to anyone who needs it. He’s helped everyone from special needs kids to the elderly to burn victims and more


Just another day in the office!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Norbert is also a full-time philanthropist who supports many great charities such as Lil BUB’s BIG FUND for the ASPCA and Pet Partners.

He’s the national mascot for the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation SunAware program, has won dozens of awards.

This little cutie is willing to pull out all the stops to get a smile!

Norbert’s signature high-five never fails to brighten his friends days.

If I played you a song, would you sing along?

“Yes, yes … I am just that irresistible”

For such a small dog, Norbert sure has big ambitions to make the world a happier place! 


Little Norbert has many more projects to make the world a better place in the works, to keep up to date on the latest ones, check out his website and Facebook page.

All image source: Norbert/Facebook