John Stortz and his dog, Wolf (who is not actually a wolf), travel the U.S. together visiting cool places and taking beautiful pictures. Stortz, an illustrator, took to the road with his shelter dog a few years back. His pictures provide all the reason you’ll need to want to pack up with your furry companion and hit the open road. Most of their travels and pictures come from the Western states. John and Wolfgang have visited landmarks such as the Salt Flats in Utah to Hellhole Canyon, California.

Wolf never turns down the opportunity for a photo shoot and he is photogenic to the point of inciting jealousy in all who see the pictures … and the pictures are easy to see. John and Wolf not only post their epic adventures to their aptly named Tumblr page, but they also post to their Instagram account. So, if you would like to see what living the life really looks like, be sure to follow John and Wolf on their beautifully documented life adventure together.


John adopted his dog, Wolfgang and decided to take to the road.

They visit awesome places like Bronson Canyon, California.

And the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah.

At each of their stops, John takes beautiful pictures of his travel companion.

They definitely have the life, traveling and hanging out together in amazing locations.

 Image source: JohnandWolf/Tumblr