Ah, there is really nothing better in this world than love is there? Being a dog, I am the ultimate expert in everything related to love – after all, there are only about three things in this world I do not love to bits (looking at you vacuums, hats, and umbrellas). So when I heard that Baltimore Raven’s center Jeremy Zuttah was getting married, I was filled with extra warm and fuzzies – and not just because weddings are like the ultimate display of love – but because he refused to walk down the aisle without his best friend … his Pit Bull Ace!

Zuttah and his bride to be Heran Haile were planning to get hitched at City Hall, but when they learned that Ace wouldn’t be able to attend they decided the venue needed to change. What is your big special day without your BFF by your side anyway??


Being the creative thinkers they are, Zuttah and Haile decided to go for a converted gym instead – and the event was certainly fancy, schmancy.

Just look at Ace, he truly is the best gentleman pawsible!

Heran Haile/Instagram

Check him out in action walking his favorite hooman down the aisle. 

Can you believe that some people think that Pit Bulls have a bad reputation for being dangerous dogs?? More like dangerously good looking … bring it back one more time, Ace!

Shane Carpenter/READYLUCK


This story makes me smile more than I do after playing fetch for three hours in the park! If it were up to me, the tradition of having a flower girl would be permanently replaced by a flower pup. Don’t you agree?

Lead image source: Shane Carpenter/READYLUCK