Today, September 24th, marks the beginning of the 2018 Eat for Climate Week, an annual event designed to raise awareness about how our dietary choices affect the planet and how plant-based eating can combat climate change in a huge way. The Eat for Climate Week campaign is led by Brighter Green, an environmental non-profit think tank based in Brooklyn, NY, in collaboration with Climate Week NYC, a campaign launched by The Climate Group, an international non-profit whose mission is to accelerate climate action and create a world of under 2°C of global warming and greater prosperity for all, without delay.

To celebrate, 23 restaurants throughout New York City will be serving up climate-friendly, plant-rich meals all week long. Just as you’d expect, many of the establishments on the list, such as Seasoned Vegan in Harlem, pride themselves on being plant-based all day, every day. However, there are also a few traditionally omnivorous restaurants participating that are branching out and dabbling in creating sustainable, plant-sourced menu items in honor of the occasion.

Today through September 30th, you’ll be able to get delicious plant-based delicacies no matter where you are in NYC. For instance, you can stop by Cafe Clover, Terri, Ladybird, or Avant Garden in Manhattan; Rip’s Malt Shop or Oaxaca Taqueria in Brooklyn; or The Bonnie or Macoletta in Queens. These are just a few of the many places where you’ll be able to eat for the climate this week! For the full list and more details, check out the Eat for Climate Week Facebook event or the campaign website.

“After trying every egg-less product under the sun, we found that the mung bean egg replacer options tasted the best, and had the best texture out of everything we ate. For this reason, we partnered with JUST For All to bring our customers ‘egg’ patties and scrambled ‘egg’ options,” shared a representative from Rip’s Malt Shop. “We use the products in a breakfast sandwich, and as an add-on option for burgers. The fact that the product requires 79 percent less surface water and groundwater, and has a 51 percent lower carbon footprint than leading brands, was just a great added bonus.”

As to their decisions to get on board with plant-friendly plant-based meals, Oaxaca explained, “We launched our vegan taco offerings at the beginning of 2018. Partnering with Beyond Meat, we waited until we found a product that we could truly stand behind. One that not only leaves a minimal eco-footprint, but that tastes amazing as well. We love the fact that the food is not only better for people, as well as the environment, but doesn’t sacrifice any of the flavor we need in our tacos.”

And if you’re not already familiar with the many reasons why eating plants instead of animal products is better for our Earth by a long shot, here are a few statistics regarding this matter:

With these facts in mind, we highly encourage you to give plant-based eating a try — this week and all the time! If you decide to participate in Climate Week NYC, don’t forget to share your climate-friendly meal on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #EatForClimateWeek for a chance to be featured!

To learn more about the Earth- and animal-protecting power of plant-based eating, check out the #EatForThePlanet book.

Image Source: Avant Garden