New Vegan Cooking Channel Featuring Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, Martha Stewart and Others!

The unthinkable has happened (well, sorta). The Food Network hasn’t really assembled a group of famous chefs to create only vegan recipes, but an absolute genius has carefully curated a new YouTube channel featuring Accidentally Vegan recipes by everyone from Rachael Ray to Mario Batali.

The channel features gems like “Salsa, using natural vegan butter: the avocado!” by Paula Deen, “Bald Eagle Salad” by Guy Fieri, “Vegan Ribollita Soup” by Valerie Bertinelli and other amazing (accidentally) vegan creations!


To get a taste of it, check out Bobby Flay’s 1-minute recipe Crunchy Avocado Salad below and for more vegan goodness from these celeb chefs, head on over to the (Accidentally) Vegan Youtube Channel and check out their blog.