The more research comes out about the human body, the more we learn how poorly designed it is for eating animal products. Addictive as meat, dairy, and eggs might be, they all cause problems for the body in one way or another. With meat, especially red meat, the massive health risks are fairly well-known. Dairy’s role in diabetes and cancer is also a making it a target for food replacers everywhere.

Eggs, on the other hand, haven’t had much time in the public health spotlight. Despite the horrific treatment of factory farm hens, the Dietary Guidelines of America have waffled on the issue of whether or not eggs should limited because of health concerns.


 A new study published in JAMA gave eggs a good scramble. The study followed a large sample size of 29,615 people across six cohorts. The participants were followed for an average of 17.5 years between March 25, 1985, and August 31, 2016. During the period, the respondents suffered a total of 5400 cardiovascular events, 2088 of which were coronary artery problems (i.e. a heart attack), 1302 strokes, 1897 heart failure events, and 113 deaths from cardiovascular disease, compared to 6,132 deaths in general.

The study followed the participants eating habits extensively, and tracked people’s dietary changes over the course of the study. The research team looked at the association between the amount of cholesterol and eggs that participants consumed each day, compared to the likelihood of suffering cardiovascular events or dying during that same period. The results of the study saw a correlation between the amount of cholesterol consumed each day and the likelihood of suffering a cardiovascular event and dying. The analysis also found correlations with the number of eggs consumed each day. When participants increased the number of eggs they consumed, each additional half an egg eaten per day, the likelihood of a cardiovascular event increased by 1.93% and the likelihood of death went up by 0.71%

The team’s statistical analysis, which took into account factors such as age, sex, ethnicity, education levels, smoking habits, alcohol intake, physical activity levels, body mass indices (BMIs), blood pressures, lipid levels, use of particular medications, and medical conditions.

The study was, of course, massive. And there’s no way to tell if some people ate their eggs somthered in ketchup and butter, or if they cracked them into a cup and swigged them like Rocky. Still, there’s no denying that eggs can pose a risk. With so many delicious egg replacers out there, one has to wonder, can the risk ever be worth it?


Egg-cellent Recipes! 

If you want all the tastiness of eggs with none of the guilt,  we’ll Ome-let you in on a secret… You can get all the egg replacer recipes you need with the Food Monster App!

1. Omelet Muffins

Omelet muffins

Source: Omelet Muffins


This Omelet Muffins recipe by Evi Oravecz may look fancy, especially if you call it a soufflé and serve it as a part of a beautiful dinner, but it’s actually super simple. All you need is a food processor, a few simple ingredients and some baking ramekins. You can also prepare the batter and the sautéed veggies the night before eating, then all you have to do is turn on the oven when you wake up. The muffins will rise high (as a good soufflé) and then will slowly start to sink, so get them to the table as quickly as possible. They are still delicious the next day even cold, but they won’t look that pretty anymore. The leftovers can be used as a yummy sandwich spread.

2. ‘Eggy’ Tofu Scramble

Eggy tofu scramble

Source: ‘Eggy’ Tofu Scramble


The paste used in this ‘Eggy’ Tofu Scramble by Magdalena Pienkos contains a magic ingredient that makes tofu taste like an egg and it is unbelievable!

3. Southwestern Tofu Scramble With Roast Potatoes

Southwestern Tofu Scramble

Source: Southwestern Tofu Scramble With Roast Potatoes

This is a hearty breakfast full of flavor and vibrant colors! The southwestern flavors in Rini Desai‘s Tofu Scramble are the perfect way to start the day. Tofu is crumbled and cooked with black beans, corn, bell pepper, and Tex-Mex-inspired spices, then served with hearty roasted potatoes. Good morning!

We hope you enjoy these delicious vegan egg recipes. Share them with anyone who might want to stop eating eggs, but doesn’t know where to start. For more information on avoiding eggs, check out The Scary Reasons Why You Should Avoid Chicken and Eggs as Sources of ProteinYou Will Never Eat Eggs Again After Reading This, and 5 Reasons to Stay Clear of Eggs. For more delicious recipes, download our Food Monster App where we have over 15,000 vegan and allergy-friendly recipes!

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