New 'PlantEaters' App Aims to Revolutionize Vegan Dining

Ever been dining out with non-vegetarian friends and get frustrated by the lack of plant-based meals on the menu? An innovative new iPhone app called “PlantEaters”, created by husband-and-wife team David and Tracy Hersh, aims to make the experience a little easier.

“In our hometown of New York City, we are fortunate to have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Even here though, the number of those restaurants pales in comparison to the thousands of other restaurants the city has to offer,” David explains. “Increasingly, these restaurants are offering more meatless dining options and Tracy and I were struck by the fact that there was no easy way to find those meals. PlantEaters was created to fill that need.”


It does so by recommending plant-based meals available in restaurants around you, regardless of whether or not the actual restaurants are vegetarian or vegan. David hopes that the app’s focus on meals, rather than restaurants, will open up “a new world of dining opportunities” for all who are looking to enjoy some great meat-free cuisine, “without having to settle for the house salad.”

At present, the app’s coverage is restricted to major metropolitan areas, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Once the app becomes more popular, it is anticipated that most of the content on the PlantEaters database will be user-generated. Members of the community can add and rate meals, share their opinions, and connect with other vegetarians and vegans in their area.

Tracy says in a press release, “Most of our friends aren’t vegetarians and until PlantEaters, it has always been a challenge finding a place everyone would enjoy. We used to always sacrifice our dining experience so we didn’t inconvenience others, but now we can easily find a place that makes everyone happy.”

PlantEaters is just one of a large number of ethical and health-conscious apps that have come onto the market in recent years, including – to name just a few – BuyCott, Farmanac, and Think Dirty, and VegOut (the current go-to app for finding veg restaurants globally).


No doubt about it: for all you green monsters out there, your smartphones are your greatest allies!