A new documentary out of Canada called “Ghosts of Our Machine” is set to launch this year in the U.S. and its filmmaker, Liz Marshall, hopes that the documentary’s message about animal exploitation will make as big a splash in the U.S. as Food Inc. once did.


The documentary follows renowned international photographer and author of “We Animals” Jo-Anne McArthur over the course of a year as she photographs animal stories from Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Each story featured in the film will provide a window into one of the global industries that exploit animals: food, fashion, entertainment and research.

“With the exception of our companion animals and a few wild and stray species within our urban environments, we experience animals daily only as the food, clothing, animal tested goods and entertainment we make of them. This moral dilemma is often hidden from our view,” reads the film’s synopsis.

The animal “ghosts” whose stories will finally be brought into the public eye include a breeder fox at a fur farm, a rescued spent dairy cow named Fanny, a rescued one-day old veal calf named Sonny, a rescued beagle named Maggie, another rescued beagle named Abbey, a rescued sow named Julia and captive mammals in zoos and aquariums across the globe.

The documentary was actually released two years ago in Canada but the film team has been working hard to raise enough money to bring “Ghosts of Our Machine” to the U.S. for an Oscar Qualifying Theatrical Release in New York City and Los Angeles.


Their fundraising goal is $30,000 by September 27 and the team is just $4,000 away from that now. To help promote the film and give it the attention it deserves, the film team has partnered with a number of animal advocates and organizations including Compassion Over Killing, Farm Sanctuary, Mercy for Animals and PETA.

So far Marshall has been happy with the diverse audience the film has attracted and told Mercy for Animals in an interview that the film is even “reaching beyond the choir,” or typical viewers and supporters.

We are looking forward to the film’s U.S. release and hope for its success!

Check out the “Ghosts of Our Machine” trailer below and if you’re interested in supporting the film, you can find additional information right here or sign up to schedule a community screening here.


Image source: Ghosts of Our Machine Facebook Fan Page