There are many colognes and perfumes on the market meant to make you smell like your favorite celebrity or a nice beachy day, but Farmer’s Cologne will make you smell like a rancher fresh from the fields. Creator Lisa Brodar says Farmer’s Cologne is “for the guy in Brooklyn who wants to move back to the land, to become a homesteader … but who still likes going out at night,” according to Modern Farmer.


Brodar tested the cologne’s “authenticity” by dousing herself in it before visiting a dairy farm.

Modern Farmer reports, “Anecdotally, the cows rubbed up against her quite a bit — especially the females.”

Brodar admits the test wasn’t scientific, but “all the signs seemed positive.”

The Los Angeles Times put the scent to a human test and reported it “a qualified success … my co-workers found the earthy, ever-so-slightly woody fragrance ‘intriguing,’ ‘complex’ and ‘interesting.’ To me it was redolent of the grain and hay smells of the cow barn from my Vermont childhood.”


At $110 per bottle (60 ml), the chance to smell like a farmer doesn’t come cheap. Surprisingly, the product is vegan and at least 85 percent organic, according to Portland General Store‘s website. The company will also donate 10 percent of profits to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. So, at least it’s no BBQ Cologne, but it’s up to personal preference if Farmer’s Cologne has the potential to become anyone’s scent of choice.

Image Source: Bob Jagendorf/Flickr