The world fell in love with Theo, the dog, and his brother Beau last year. When they first made a splash on Instagram, the two were an adorable puppy and toddler pair. They shared an obvious bond and took their daily naps together. Jessica Shyba, their mom, beautifully photographed the pair sleeping. Each nap you’d see the duo in a different, and equally adorable, sleeping position.

With baby Evvie recently introduced, the duo is now a trio. Although Shyba says bringing baby Evvie home was “an adjustment” for everyone in the house, they are now finding their groove. And that means getting in on the adorable, nap time cuddles. Evvie has joined her two older brothers in their daily ritual, and she definitely adds even more cuteness to the photos.


Although their mom says Evvie is still a little confused by Theo, she seems to like his kisses and affection. As for Beau, Shyba says he is doing well in his big brother role. “He is incredibly loving with her,” she states.

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Theo and Beau welcomed their new baby sister to their nap time ritual.

No matter what goes on during the day, these three make nap time a priority.

Every sleeping position is adorably awkward thanks to Theo.

Though their mom was worried, Theo and Beau had no problem accepting Evvie’s company.

Now the adorable duo is a ridiculously cute trio!


All image source: MommasGoneCity/Instagram