As animal lovers, we strive to give our animal companions the best life possible.We treat them like our children and put their needs before our wants. Many of us would gladly go without luxuries if only our dogs could get to sleep in the coziest bed (even if most of them actually prefer the sofa) and that our cats would have the coolest scratching post (even if, like the dog, they prefer the sofa). That’s why when we see dogs like Brandy, the young dog in the photos below, we wonder how any human could ever let their dog’s health go unchecked. There are few details on what sort of situation Brandy was saved from, but somehow, she ended up in the hands of animal control. Her struggles, however, did not end there.

At just two-years-old, Brandy had clearly endured horrible trauma. Severely emaciated with mange, fleas, and other ailments, this little dog was scheduled to be euthanized at the local animal control center. 

But thanks to a volunteer for The Forgotten Pet Advocate, who saw the fear and the pleading in Brandy’s eyes, she was rescued. She was transported to their vet, who stayed after hours just to help get this little one on the road to recovery.


One woman could not bear the thought of Brandy spending every night alone at the vet’s office and decided to foster her. On her first night, Brandy slept cuddled up next to her foster mom — likely the first act of kindness she ever experienced in a home setting. 



Brandy still has a long road to recovery, but not only does she have a wonderful vet to care for her, she also has a foster mom who is giving her the life she truly deserves. In the final photo, we can see love in Brandy’s eyes as she gazes, wide-eyed at the woman who has given her something she never had. According to a Facebook update, Brandy is already starting to feel better and is even feeling well enough to play with the new toys her foster mom bought for her. In spite of never knowing that humans could love her, it looks like Brandy is adjusting just fine.

If you’ve been thinking about welcoming a dog into your life, please adopt and never shop!


All image source: The Forgotten Pet Advocate/Facebook