Animal shelters across the world are full of passionate people who try their best to do right by every animal that enters their doors. However, most of these shelters are so full that every dog or cat can’t possibly be seen to properly.

Eddie was one such dog. He was found walking around the streets of Ulsan South Korea by animal control. When Eddie was taken in, workers found that he was acting strangely, but they didn’t have the time to check him out immediately due to the massive volume of animals they had.


This is Eddie when they found him.


It was only later during Eddie’s bath time that the staff was able to figure out what was wrong. Apparently Eddie had a ring of plastic stuck around his neck that was caught under all his fur. The plastic was so tight that it was cutting off circulation to his head and caused fluid to pool in his face.

His face was so swollen! Poor guy…


After the plastic was removed, Eddie was finally smiling. But he still had so much matted, tangled fur that it made keeping clean difficult. All this little guy needed was a shave and a good meal, and he was soon happy and cute as can be. His winning smile got him into a foster home right away where he was socialized and  taught how to sit and stay in Korean.


Have you ever seen such a  magnetic smile?


In spring of 2015, Eddie left his foster family and was adopted by his current guardians. He’s now living the good life with a family that loves him and treats him well. He understands both English and Korean!

He’s also really good at math homework.


Eddie is a living example of the best case scenario of a shelter dog. Sadly, most dogs don’t end up like Eddie. Millions of dogs end up either euthanized or mistreated. You can help reduce the number of homeless pets in the world by always having your pets fixed, not buying dogs from pet stores, and most importantly, not adopting a pet unless you’re ready for a lifelong commitment!


Spread the word and maybe we’ll see the day where all stray animals end up like Eddie.




All image source: Imgur