There’s something to be said about thinking outside the box. So when it comes to the human impacts on Earth, the best view is from above. Like the recent interactive map illustrating deforestation globally, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) now has a new iPad app that shows the extreme changes to the Earth’s surface due to natural disasters and human influence.

The new app is called Images of Change and is free in the iTunes app store. It presents side-by-side images of areas on Earth that have changed over the years, mostly due to human activity.


NASA launches New App Featuring Images of the Changing Earth1

The app includes satellite images as well as photos taken at ground level. It’s amazing to see the changes in the land due to forest fires or floods but it’s also disturbing to see the images of vanishing glaciers. All the images are actually a part of NASA’s Global Climate Change website. This app makes these images more available for people to view.

The app is meant to make the photographic evidence of our impacts on earth, like climate change, more accessible. It’s hard for many people to see their impacts on the environment right out of their front doors, but by offering these celestial images, NASA gives us a new perspective — a perspective that will hopefully result in a better understanding of our true impact on the Earth.