Is there anything more beautiful to behold than an animal who was once fearful, neglected, and desolate, but has now begun to enjoy life once again? This is exactly what happened with Artemis the mule. She was callously left tied to a tree in Míres, Greece, condemned to endure endless insect bites and starvation, until the kind folks at the Agia Marina Donkey Rescue heard of her plight and stepped in to save her.



The Agia Marina staff were first alerted to her condition by a number of tourists and residents who were concerned about her. They were shocked to discover the poor mule’s legs were “raw and bleeding” as a result of her many insect bites. They said, “Each day after tending to our own rescue donkeys we visited (her), taking special sprays for flies and healing creams – very kindly donated by our wonderful supporters – and food, which she so badly needed.”

After they had been caring for Artemis for only a short while, however, she disappeared. The team was unable to find her and were deeply concerned. Luckily, it turned out that two members of Artemis Crete Rescue, a nearby dog rescue sanctuary, had found the sweet mule and were helping her to recover from her ordeal. Plans were soon made to move her to the Agia Marina sanctuary … and she is now starting to settle in well to her new life!

How could anyone have neglected this beautiful girl?

Ero – the donkey in the bottom left corner of this photograph – was eager to befriend her, but according to her rescuers, she “is not used to being with other animals. She has been tied up all her life. It will take time.”

However, that hasn’t stopped the other sanctuary residents from falling head over heels in love with her!

She now lives a peaceful, serene life, unencumbered by human negligence and cruelty. As the Agia Marina staff put it, “What more could a mule wish for?”




It is so wonderful to know that in spite of all the pain Artemis had to endure to be where she is today, she is now in the hands of people who will love and care for her. To learn more about the sanctuary, visit their website or Facebook page. You can also donate to help provide for Artemis’ and the other residents’ care here.

All Image Source: Agia Marina Donkey Rescue/Facebook