Elephants are inherently peaceful as the world’s largest herbivores, and they pose no natural threat to human beings. In fact, their emotional intelligence and complex social bonds have even caused some elephants to come to the rescue of humans! Despite their peaceful and caring nature, elephants have been targeted by humans for centuries, whether it be for poaching, circuses and roadside zoos, elephant trekking, or plain hard labor.

In the above video posted by the animal rights advocacy group, Animal Freedom Fighter, we see a mother elephant struggling up an incline in India. She is forced to bear an incredibly massive load on her back and an even larger, more cumbersome tree trunk tied behind her. The exhausted elephant nearly gets hits by a car whizzing by as she is forced to cross the road where her baby is being used as bait to coax her to keep working.


This extreme degree of exploitation is difficult to watch. This mother and child belong in a herd in the wild where they can roam freely without the burdens of man. Animal Freedom Fighter has contacted authorities about this video, and they have several links to petitions you can sign to speak up for these elephants and others like them.

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