When Let’s Adopt International found Oscar and Helen, the amazing pups in this video, they were in terrible condition. This mother and son pair were discovered hiding near an abandoned house, surrounded by garbage and rocks. Before being rescued, they’d try to find food and water in order to survive. Unfortunately, they had a hard time finding  nourishment and became very weak, losing their fur hair until their skin crusted over with scar tissues.

When the Let’s Adopt International team found them, both Oscar and Helen were extremely scared and tried to run away. No one had helped them up to this point – why should they trust humans now? Helen managed to escape, but the team got Oscar and took him straight to the hospital. When he arrived, he couldn’t even stand on four legs. Soon after, the team managed to rescue Helen and took her for immediate medical treatment.


After a long battle with mange, Oscar and Helen beat the odds and made a complete 180! They’re now living the life with their adopted family. It’s so incredible to see how a little care and compassion can change everything for an animal. For more stories from Let’s Adopt, click here.