Today we are looking for justice for a beautiful girl named Faith, whose life was ended far too soon because of the barbaric treatment she was subjected to by her owners.

Faith was set to be abandoned, which is hard enough to have to think about, yet her owners wanted to do one better to ensure this poor little girl couldn’t return home. They wrapped duct tape around her legs, binding them together so she couldn’t move, then threw her out on the Interstate.


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Without any way to save herself, poor Faith was run over and dragged by numerous cars, and she sustained too many injuries to recover from. Faith had multiple skull fractures, her entire head and eyes swollen, and her body covered in road rash and wounds. Even trying to imagine the agony this little girl went through is utterly heartbreaking.

All we can be thankful for is that Faith wasn’t alone at the end of her life. An officer stayed with Faith when she was found and assisted the Webster Humane Association in rushing her to the Claiborne Animal Clinic where they hoped she could be saved. Dr. Tinsley and Mrs. Tonya met rescuers at the clinic despite it being closed, and their care meant Faith’s last moments were gentle ones.

We are deeply upset by this story, as we are any time we hear about an animal suffering. But us being upset is not going to bring Faith back at all. All we can hope to do now is help get the justice this beautiful girl deserves. The Webster Humane Association is offering a $2,500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the people who are responsible for Faith’s death.


So here is how you can help. We know that Faith was thrown out near mile marker 40 at the Goodwill exit, eastbound on the I20. Faith was repeatedly run over and dragged down the Interstate by a number of cars. Someone has to have seen what happened. Somebody must know something that will help. The collar, rope, and duct tape that Faith was found with have been confiscated for further investigation, but at the moment there is very little information to go on.

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The Webster Humane Association is asking for anyone with information to call their confidential hotline at 318-377-7433, and there is more information available on their Facebook page. Please do not let Faith’s life to have been taken for nothing. If you have any information at all, please get in touch.

Image Source: Webster Humane Association