Monsanto and Others Launch to Make GMOs Less Scary for Consumers

The biotech industry is feeling the pressure of the anti-GMO movement and Monsanto along with an assortment of other big biotech names like Dow Chemical, Du Pont, Syngenta, Bayer CropScience and BASF have launched a new website called to tell their side of the story.

The New York Times reports that the Internet has apparently “allowed critical voices to be heard more loudly. Hundreds of thousands of people in cities around the world marched in protest of Monsanto in May, an outpouring organized largely through social media.” The goal of will be to answer consumer questions around GMOs and make public information like studies on animals, that the companies have provided to regulators.


“We have been accused of purposely hiding information,” Ms. Enright tells the New York Times. “We haven’t done that but now we will open the doors and provide information.” Ms. Enright said the crop biotechnology companies would also start offering tours of their laboratories to the public.

You have to applaud these biotech giants for their earnest efforts to be more transparent, but what they’re really saying is “GMOs are safe y’all; who need labels?”

What do you think? Would you trust Monsanto and their claims that GMOs are safe, if they answered your questions and let you tour their labs?

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