Habitat destruction, the illegal pet trade, and bush meat hunting, are threatening monkeys around the world. Sadly, such actions are prevalent particularly in countries such as Malawi, putting wild populations of primates at risk. Thankfully, there are some incredible people who dedicate their life’s work to giving these animals the lives they deserve.

Recently, the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (LWT), a partner of International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) rescued 18 vervet monkeys, from the illegal wildlife trade and relocated them to one of Malawi’s biggest national parks. From there, they will eventually be released back into the wild where they belong.


The monkeys, all captured to be sold as exotic pets or bushmeat, were transported to Kasungu National Park.

Once the boxes were opened, these animals were able to taste freedom for the first time since their capture.

Most of the monkeys rescued are orphaned primates whose parents were killed so that their young ones could be captured for the illegal wildlife trade.

Now that they have arrived in Kasungu National Park, the monkeys will be given some time to adjust to their new surroundings in a specially built release enclosure. 



These 18 monkeys on their way to having the lives they deserve. However, the profits from bushmeat and the exotic pet trade continue to threaten thousands of these animals every year. In the past three years alone, LWT has rescued and relocated nearly 100 animals, who would have otherwise lived out their existence in captivity, or experienced a brutal death in the bush meat trade. We must all do our part to recognize that wild animals are not for us to use and abuse. Share this article to spread the word that exotic animals are not pets!

All image source: International Fund for Animal Welfare