A few months ago, Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), an animal rescue organization, rescued Piak, a spectacled langur baby that had lost his mother to the illegal wildlife trade. When Piak arrived at the rescue center, WFFT’s main concern was simply getting him strong and healthy again. Now that Piak is doing better, not only is he getting to enjoy life again, but he is strong enough to play with some of his fellow monkeys. His favorite companion? Makood, a long-tailed macaque that arrived at the WFFT’s headquarters a few weeks ago after also losing his mother.

Even though they are different species, these two can’t get enough of each other! 

Since they are two of the youngest primates at the center, the infant primates require around the clock care from WFFT’s team. But there is still plenty of time to play and climb! 

Sometimes that means taking it easy… 

Other times, things get a bit more adventurous!

While both of these animals have dealt with an unimaginable amount of trauma, we sure are glad they found each other… 

Life can be so confusing without the guidance of your mom… 

But it sure does get easier when you have a friend by your side. 




It’s wonderful to see that despite the unfortunate card these monkeys have been dealt, they are still receptive to companionship and love. We hope that they remain friends for years to come! To learn more about the amazing work done by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, visit their website!

All Images Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand