one green planet
one green planet

Amazingly, Mercury survived a painful accident and was rushed to veterinary care soon after he was found. In no time, Mercury also found a loving forever home with two animal lovers in the neighborhood.

Since his arrival in their lives and his subsequent foray into the Internet via Facebook and YouTube, he has become an instant star.

Currently, Mercury has over 55,000 followers on Facebook alone and that number is growing everyday as more hear of his remarkable and inspiring story.

While Mercury is considered a special needs cat, he isn’t letting his disability and limited range of motion hold him back. He has his eyes set on being like any other cat, and proves it to the world through the video footage below, courtesy of his guardians.

Check out amazing Mercury in action! If you haven’t already met his acquaintance, we guarantee he’ll win your heart in an instant!

Mercury’s first attempt at climbing stairs

Mercury loves his toys

Mercury destroys a toy block village

Mercury vs. Maeby soon becomes Mercury vs. the roller ball

Mercury having some fun in the snow


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Image source: Raising Mercury / Facebook