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As the juggernaut known as “The Big Bang Theory” rolls into a new season, viewers across the country are gearing up to watch Penny, Sheldon, Leonard and the gang tackle the mysteries of the universe while hilariously working through life’s crazy situations. The cast is filled with stellar actors, all capable of delivering the comedy week after week, but did you know that more than one of them keep meat off their plates?

It’s true! Four members of the successful show’s ensemble eat a largely plant-based diet, with some even advocating for animals on social media or through charity organizations to boot. With the immense popularity of this Emmy darling we think it’s awesome that actors past, present and, hopefully, future associated with the show are living meat-free and loving it. It’s always nice to hear about celebs that are making a difference for the environment and animals, like soft kitties, for example.


Mayim Bialik

Playing the lovable and socially awkward neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler isn’t such a huge leap for the actress as she has a PhD. in neuroscience from UCLA in real life. If that wasn’t enough to prove her awesomeness, she’s also a vocal advocate for a plant based lifestyle.

“One of the main inspirations for me towards a decision to complete veganism was Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals.” She says of her decision to ditch animal products entirely. “It was really after that book that I had both the education and the confidence and the personal conviction to be able to say I don’t know where to draw the line any more, I’m not gonna draw it. I’m gonna step over the line and there’s been no turning back.”

Since then she hasn’t been shy to state loudly and proudly that she’s vegan, even writing a cookbook, “Mayim’s Vegan Table” in 2014. With mouthwatering selections like the Vegan Rueben Sandwich, Secret Dark Chocolate Vegan Cookies and the Big Bang Vegan Chickpea Burger Patty, it’s quickly becoming a staple in any awesome vegan cookbook collection.


Johnny Galecki

His theoretical physicist character, Leonard Hofstadter, is sweet, sensitive and just the right amount of exasperated that one could hope for as the show’s straight man. In real life, Galecki chose to go down the path that so many of us start down on our road to plant based eating when he started cutting out most meat in an effort to be healthier.

In the running for Peta2’s Sexiest Veg Celebs for 2014, he hasn’t claimed to be the perfect vegetarian as he will sometimes eat fish, but he’s stands as an example of someone who can make the kinds of slow lifestyle changes that pack a big punch for animals and the environment in the long run. 

Sara Gilbert

Playing the one time love interest of Leonard Hofstadter (and Howard Wolowitz before she dumped him over the phone), experimental physicist Leslie Winkle hasn’t turned up in awhile – leaving fans to imagine that she’s conducting research into the mysteries of the universe on more of a down low these days.

In real life, Sara Gilbert has been vegetarian since she was 13 and made the final leap to eating vegan a few years ago. She’s so committed to the lifestyle that she said if she were president for the day she’d make everyone give it a try! “I’m totally self-centered. I would make everyone vegan. Sorry, it’s the law.”

She has since authored the book, “The Imperfect Environmentalist: A Practical Guide to Clearing Your Body, Detoxing Your Home and Saving the Earth (Without Losing Your Mind.)”  and threw a swanky vegan wedding in 2014 when she tied the knot with wife and fellow vegan Linda Perry.

Kaley Cuoco

Knock, knock, knock … Penny? Can we borrow some tofu? The actress behind the show’s bubbly bombshell Penny (insert speculation on what her character’s last name is here) is a vegetarian and animal lover in real life.

Unafraid to speak out on the animal issues, she’s been a vocal opponent of both the Canadian seal hunt and New York City’s horse drawn carriages. She even filmed a PSA for Angel City Pit Bulls to promote advocacy for the often maligned and misunderstood breed and called for the show “Bizarre Foods” to be taken off of the air by tweeting, “I don’t think Bizarre Foods on Travel should be allowed on air. It’s gross and involves animal cruelty. Don’t care if my tweet receives “backlash.”


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