With such a high degree of animal cruelty occurring every moment all around the globe, it can be easy to lose sight of those who are doing all they can to save and protect these abused and exploited animals. Here is where the Unbound Project has stepped in. The Unbound Project describes themselves as “a multimedia and book project that celebrates the inspiring women who have been at the forefront of animal advocacy around the globe.” Among the women highlighted by the project is Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary’s National Shelter Director.

This video featuring Coston premiered at the Animal Law Conference in Chicago last week where she was a guest speaker sharing the importance of animal sanctuaries. In the video, Coston is full of life and love for all of the animals in the sanctuary’s care, treating each of them as individuals with compassion, respect, and a healthy dose of humor. She credits the animals to essentially saving her life, as she entered the field of animal advocacy during a time of depression and despair. To show her gratitude and appreciation for the animals, she has dedicated her life to taking care of them, noting that the work to end animal cruelty is never over.


Thank you, Susie Coston and Farm Sanctuary for working so tirelessly on behalf of abandoned farmed animals and being an inspiration to us all, and thank you, Unbound Project for using media to highlight everyday heroes and share the positive message that individuals do in fact have the power to create a brighter world for today and tomorrow.

As the first and largest sanctuary for farmed animals in the U.S., Farm Sanctuary has a goal of educating the public on the realities of factory farming while introducing people to farm animals with the hope they will see the animals as unique individuals with their own personalities and stories. If you would like to learn more about Farm Sanctuary and see how you can arrange for a visit, go to their website here.

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