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Meet Bowie, “The Superstar”! Bowie is a rescue turkey who is extremely charismatic, talkative, funny, confident, bossy, and has a big personality. He’s the only “tom” or male turkey on the farm and was rescued from a small enclosure (an 8:8 fence) with two other turkeys and a large flock of chickens. Turkeys naturally like to explore and roam free in wide open spaces, so his previous home was not an ideal living space for Bowie.

Bowie’s previous guardians had kept him as a companion animal. However, turkeys are wild animals and are meant to live outside in nature. After they realized that they could not provide an adequate environment for Bowie to thrive in, they contacted Farm Sanctuary to give him a better life. Now that he has arrived at Farm Sanctuary, Bowie lives on a farm that’s big enough for him to explore and strut his full personality! A lot of people don’t realize just how charismatic turkeys are. They are so playful and full of life and uniquely themselves!

If you’re interested in doing so, you symbolically adopt Bowie through Farm Sanctuary‘s #AdoptATurkey Project. This will “help provide his day-to-day care, protect other turkeys still in need, and raise awareness about the beautiful lives they lead when they’re allowed to live!”

Tiny Rescue Animal Collection
Tiny Rescue Animal Collection

Best Things In Life Are Rescued Tee By Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection

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