A sign of the times! Nick’s Kitchen in the Daly City, Calfornia used to be offer meat-heavy items but the restaurant has now gone VEGAN! All meat and dairy are GONE from the menu and instead, Nick’s Kitchen is boasting home-cooked meals that are all plant-based. How exciting is that!?

And why the change from an animal-laden menu to a 100 percent plant-based menu? Reina Montenegro and Kenny Annis, the owners of Nick’s Kitchen, told ReleaseWire, “We felt it was time to prove that you don’t have to suffer to eat like a vegan. Food is a comfort, and it should be medicine for the body and the mind. We need both to bring mindful eating to the table.” We can’t argue with that!

Nick’s Kitchen has over 30 items to choose from and all are reasonably priced at $12. Oh, and did we mention the restaurant is now ALL VEGAN!?

Menu items include meatloaf with mashed potatoes, greens and gravy, pot pie, chicken BBQ, crab cakes, and succulent ribs all made meat-free. We will have one of each, please!

Nick’s Kitchen also offers dishes in honor of the restaurant’s Filipino founders, such as longsilog, a cured sweet vegan pork sausage with tofu scramble and garlic rice, and Puto Maya at Tsokolate, which consists of sweet rice with native Filipino cacao.

The restaurant also offers full service or drop off catering, as well as vegan cooking classes Monday-Thursday. If you are in the Bay Area, do yourself a favor and go check out Nick’s Kitchen!


Nick’s Kitchen is a true testament to the growing popularity of plant-based food! People are waking up to the disastrous effects of the animal agricultural industry and making a change that’s better for the planet, animals, and their own health. For the past few decades, meat consumption in the U.S. has seen a steady decline. According to recent studies, 30 percent of Americans are not only leaving meat off their plates but also seeking out plant-based meat alternatives. What’s more, according to some estimates, the plant-based meat market is set to reach $5.2 billion by 2020 and could make up one-third of the market by 2050. Sounds like Nick’s Kitchen is making a smart business move!

For more information about Nick’s Kitchen, visit their website!

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 All image source: Nick’s Kitchen