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Mega fast-food chain White Castle has recently started serving the vegan Impossible Slider burger. The plant-based option from Impossible Foods is now available at 140 White Castle’s locations across, New Jersey, New York, and Chicago, and is the restaurant’s second vegan burger option! It is pretty amazing to see one chain showcase two amazing meat-free burgers while there are countless others in the U.S. that have YET to serve even one veggie option (we’re looking at you, McDonald’s!)

Having vegetarian and vegan burgers on the menu not only helps animals but also can have an incredibly positive impact on the planet. Plant-based proteins require much less water, land, and other resources to produce than meat options. According to Impossible Foods, making their plant-based burger uses 99 percent less land, 85 percent less water, and emits 89 percent less greenhouse gas than traditional beef production.


What is more, offering vegan options have shown to be beneficial to businesses. According to a 2016 poll, 37 percent of Americans regularly order meals without meat or fish when eating out. Overall, demand for plant-based food is up by 140 percent! Another survey found that out of 22 restaurants that had made the switch to 10 percent plant-based options, 17 responded and reported sales increasing between 10 to 1,000 percent.

It also goes without saying that the bigger the restaurant making the step, the bigger the positive impact. This is why it is so important for big chains to join in and adopt plant-based proteins! McDonald’s is by far the largest fast food chain in the U.S. and if they offered a veggie burger across their 14,000 U.S. locations, the benefit would be enormous. It would also offer the option to get an affordable plant-based meal to people who might not have access to one otherwise!

McDonald’s already has a vegan burger in their repertoire – earlier this year, they rolled out the “McVegan” burger to customers in Sweden and Finland. This idea should and can reach much farther – with the product hopefully becoming available in more and more countries!

A Care2 petition has been launched, aimed at McDonald’s, demanding that the chain carry a plant-based burger in their U.S. stores. If you think that this would be a great idea, sign your name and let them know that plant-based is here to stay!

Buzz Petition


Image source: stockcatalog/Flickr