The future of food is indeed plant-based, and thanks to a number of creative chefs in the restaurant world today, plant-based food is being redefined and elevated to the status of gourmet. Matthew Kenney, successful chef and restaurant owner with fourteen plant-based dining establishments in the world, has opened up another concept in New York City. Called Arata, the Japanese-inspired restaurant aims to bring plant-based nutrition and Asian flavors together as one.

Arata serves brunch and dinner, and like all of Kenney’s concepts, the menus are entirely plant-based with a focus on minimally-processed nutritious whole foods. In addition to serving up colorful and creative dishes, including dessert, Arata also features plant-inspired cocktails and sake.

Arata creates a tangy twist on shishito peppers served with preserved lemon tahini, umeboshi, and black vinegar.

Kimchi pancakes are served with edible flowers and a sesame chili sauce.

Arata serves a number of steamed and smoked buns, like these ones made with king oyster mushrooms, cashew hoisin, scallions, and cucumber.

Diners can also choose from a variety of udon and ramen bowls, like this one made with baby bok choy, pulled mushrooms, dulse, and a corn purée.



Want to learn more about Arata and the philosophy behind Kenney’s plant-based food empire? Visit his website here. Arata is located at 67 Second Avenue (East Fourth Street). And remember to share this delectable news with your friends in New York City!

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All Image Source: aratarestaurant/Instagram