Wilson Coutinho Martins is an animal lover to the core. He has spent much of his life rescuing and protecting animals from harm — from a starving cat to a severely injured piglet – his love knows no bounds.

This is why, when he discovered a pit bull in the woods outside of Rio de Janerio, Brazil, in September 2012, he did not hesitate to take in the suffering dog, who now goes by the name Davi.

No one knows exactly how long Davi was living in the woods, if he was ever someone’s companion, or how he got to be in the severe condition he was found in.

What is known, however, is that if no intervention was made on his behalf, Davi would certainly have died, and a slow and painful death at that.

Davi was found by Coutinho Martins weighing just 28 pounds and living in a makeshift cardboard box home.

Coutinho Martins noticed that Davi was not just underweight, but starving and suffering from a painful, gaping wound on his rear end as well.

After gaining Davi’s trust, Coutinho Martins immediately took him up in his arms to carry him back home for treatment and care.

Davi was so tired and in so much pain when they arrived, but he was still holding on.

According to Dog Heirs, Davi had to “receive several blood transfusions and his wounds needed to be cleaned, treated with antibiotics, and bandaged regularly.”

But, with time, Davi started to perk up, and a few months later his wound healed, and he discovered happiness once again.

Now, Davi spends his time playing with toys…

…and being an all-around happy dog…

…who goofs around too, from time to time!

To view more of Coutinho Martins’ amazing rescues, please visit his Facebook page, Wilson Protector.

All images: Wilson Coutinho Martins / Facebook