As a dog lover, there is no question that you would do anything to ensure that your pup has the best life possible. We spend hours reading through dog food ingredients to make sure we’re not giving them anything that could make them sick. Our cars are stocked with spare toys, leashes and transportable doggy water bowls. When people ask you if you have a favorite child, of course you say “no,” but secretly there is no questioning that your dog will always hold that position (sorry, little humans).

This wonderful Serbian dog lover went above and beyond to help his pup, Mika, get a new lease on life. Mika was paralyzed after being involved in a traffic accident and could no longer use his back legs. So, Dragan Dmitrovic got to work building Mika a wheelchair to help him get around. Thanks to his kind guardian, Mika can now run and play just as he used to.

Now, Dmitrovic has started a small business to help other dogs in need by making them custom wheelchairs, just like Mika’s. That’s a true dog lover!