In this day and age, if you do something and don’t take a photo and post it on social media … it basically didn’t happen. We have to admit that although this habit is a bit ridiculous, we are incredibly guilty of participating (Hey, wanna check out what we had for lunch yesterday? Click here.). Sometimes you just want to show all your friends that you’re having a great time!

So naturally, when the man in this video took a trip to visit some horses, he had to document it on his phone. Deciding what face you make for your social media selfie says a lot about your personality. You can choose from the Kylie Jenner style duck-lips glam shot, the casual-cool peace sign or the more sensitive subtle kiss. This guy opts to go for the sensitive kiss – after all, he’s posing with a beautiful animal, so why not show the soft side? His display of affection must have been so convincing that the horse really thought they had a moment going and planted a big smackeroo on his face! Now that’s a moment you can’t create with an Instagram filter.