International Animal Rescue (IAR) is calling for your help to improve the life and health of a tiny bear cub found living in unsuitable conditions in Armenia.

Leo, as he has been named by rescuers from IAR, was found being pulled along the street on a leash by a man who claimed he had just found the bear cub abandoned in the countryside. Witnesses told rescuers that the man had been keeping Leo in his home as a pet.


This poor cub must have already been traumatized from losing his mother – in whatever circumstances that led to him being alone – but to be held captive by a man who clearly has no idea what he is doing must have caused Leo even further stress.

IAR, a charity that believes in a hands-on approach to educating the public about the compassionate and humane treatment of all animals, took Leo to their center for treatment and care. He was in poor physical condition when he arrived, and with no mother to teach Leo the skills he needs to thrive as a bear in the wild, he is going to need all the help in the world to get a better start in life.


Bears are carnivorous mammals not suited to a life of confinement. IAR has embarked on numerous missions to rescue bears kept for human entertainment in Armenia, so Leo is in good, experienced company. But it is still an awful truth that we continue to allow these things to happen.


We can only imagine what fate would have awaited Leo if left in the care of this man. Whether being raised to work in a roadside zoo or circus, or just kept for the sake of entertainment as an exotic pet, his life would be so far removed from the freedoms of growing up wild that it is too upsetting to think about. We can only hope that through careful treatment and rehabilitation, Leo will find his way back to the wild and eventually get to meet some of his own kind.

Leo is strong and young, so he stands a good chance of survival now that vets at IAR have done what they can for him. But Leo has a long period of recovery ahead of him over the next few months. Please donate to IAR to help Leo if you can.

Image Source: IAR/Facebook