Sometimes, the best things in life come when you least expect them. For one man, the happiest of surprises came in a very tiny package. In a story posted on Imgur, a woman describes the day her father found joy in a helpless little kitten.

A few months ago, the man was on his usual stroll to work when he heard a strange sound coming from a dumpster. Listening closer, he realized the sound was the whimpering of a tiny, baby kitten. Seeing this poor, little baby discarded as a piece of trash, the man decided to do something amazing. He pulled the kitten from the dumpster and the pair have been inseparable ever since.


Now that’s a good cuddle.



The woman said that her dad carried the kitten in a pouch around his neck while he worked and fed him from a bottle. Thanks to this special man and his gentle care, the kitten is healthy and happy with the friend that saved her life.

BFFs for life.


That wasn’t all, though. You see, the man had recently lost his mother and family dog Brandy, all in the same year. While he gave the kitten, named Scout, the love she needed to survive, Scout also helped lift his spirits after a difficult year.

Loving kisses for the man that saved her life.





Helping an animal in need is an incredible thing, but it’s made all the better by the outpouring of love and joy that you get back from that furry friend. Thinking of adopting your own little bundle of love? Take a trip down to your local shelter!

All image source: shirleytempleblackmetal/Imgur