For The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary, the new year started off with a special emergency rescue. The organization was contacted by one of its supporters about a pig that needed urgent medical help. They found the poor animal with painful injuries all over his body. Now, the pig is finally safe from the streets and is beginning his recovery at the sanctuary, his new home.

The pig must have been homeless for a long time before he finally found a kind family willing to help. They immediately started to look for the pig’s caretakers but received no response. The pig wandered off and they hoped he had made it back to where he came from. However, this was not the case…


The pig was attacked by stray dogs and suffered severe injuries. When he got back to the farm, he was emaciated, weak, and had an injury to his back leg. He was covered in wounds and scars and was missing a part of his ear …

After hearing about the pig, rescuers from The Blind Spot set out on a two-hour drive to retrieve the poor pig and take him to the sanctuary for proper care.



Thankfully, the sweet pig is now at the sanctuary and is spending his days in “a heated workroom with a soft bed, good meal and pain meds,” his new carers write. He will finally see a vet and start treatment, which is expected to be extensive, due to the severity of his leg injury, but, hopefully, it will be successful.

You can help the rescued pig by donating to his medical care. To learn more about The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary, click here.

All image source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary/Facebook