The way that some humans choose to treat their animal companions is truly disturbing. A 59-year-old Texan man named Mario Cardona was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after a video emerged on February 22 showing Cardona dragging his German Shepherd, G2, who was tied to his motorized wheelchair. In the video, filmed by Cardona’s neighbor Melissa Torrez, we can clearly see the dog helplessly struggling to breathe and get to her feet as her so-called guardian moves forward without an ounce of guilt. When Torrez called out to him and threatens to call the cops, we can hear Cardona shoot back “it’s my dog!”

After Torrez uploaded the video to social media and showed it to the local police department, they wasted no time confronting Cardona. According to CBS News, they also received hundreds of calls from concerned people, both residents and those who witnessed the atrocious act via social media. Cardona is currently under arrest and his bond is currently set to $10,000, plus he faces animal cruelty charges on top of that, but we maintain that that is not enough. What happens when a man like Cardona decides to let another animal in his home? We cannot trust him to be kind to animals after witnessing the disrespectful, abusive way he treated G2.

According to multiple sources, G2 the German Shepherd is safe in the custody of animal control. We hope she finds the home that she truly deserves.

Sign this petition to urge the judge who charged Cardona to ban him from ever owning another animal and to ensure that the other animals living in his home are removed and given safe, loving homes. We cannot simply let animal abusers get off with a mere slap on the wrist. Cardona’s fine may be hefty, but the life of an animal far outweighs what he must pay for his crime.

Lead image source: Melissa Torrez/Facebook