Perhaps the most selfless thing anyone can do is to risk one’s own life to save another. For David “Krockett” Krieger, a 53-year-old man, the life he saved was that of a dog he didn’t even know.

On December 11, 2015, Krieger, whose passion was helping lost dogs, sacrificed his own life when he witnessed a man brutally beating and kicking a dog in a parking lot and stepped in to defend the helpless animal. In return for his gesture, Krieger was fatally shot, twice.


Krieger and his wife, Ashlie, had two dogs of their own, a golden Labrador and Trout and a Labrador Terrier mix named Sophie. His family and friends said that not only did Krieger love his own dogs as if they were his own children, but that he had a passion for helping lost dogs in his neighborhood, rescuing them and returning them home or assisting strays to shelter.

On a memorial Facebook page set up after his death, Krieger, who goes by “Krockett” to friends and family,  is remembered as a hero to animals. “Krockett was truly the kindest man there has ever been, and anyone who knew him would not be surprised to learn that his final act in life was protecting a dog. He was passionate about the things he loved, which were his family, God, our country, friends and animals – particularly dogs – but he loved all animals and would always help any in need,” the description reads. The page asks visitors to post a photo of their own dog to pay tribute to Krieger, who loved them.

The dog that Krieger saved survived the attack, and the assailant is currently in jail awaiting trial.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover the cost of Krieger’s funeral.  You can help by donating here.


On behalf of all animals, thank you, Krockett. Rest in peace.

Image source: Facebook