If you have adopted a dog or cat in your lifetime, you know that they can completely change your world. After they wrap their little paws around your heart, life before dog or cat (B.D. or B.C. respectively) almost seems like a dark distant memory. We have to say we owe a lot to our fur babies for teaching us how to enjoy the little things in life and learning how to love unconditionally.

Given the amazing bonds that we’ve seen develop between animals and humans, we can’t say that this epic love story between a man and his rescue kitten comes as a surprise. Still, surprise or not, their relationship is incredibly sweet.


When Imgur user, ErikBurton, walked into the local humane society with his girlfriend, he met the little ball of fluff who would soon become his new best friend, Soren the kitten.

Erik’s girlfriend entreated him to take the little guy home, but not wanting to make a rash decision, he gave himself some time to think about it first.

Of course, before leaving the shelter, Erik stopped to play with the small cat. The two hit it off immediately.

The little kitten had already left his paw prints on Erik’s heart, so he came back the next day to adopt his new friend.

Erik and his girlfriend named the kitten Soren, after Soren Kierkegaard the Danish Poet, and the bond between these two was set!

It didn’t take long for Soren to make himself at home.

Like any good kitten would, Soren scoped out the best napping spots.

“He is such a quirky cat,” Erik writes on Imgur, “He has his own personality, and he’s so outgoing. Some cats are just kind of, you know, there. Not this guy.”

A truly loyal best friend, Soren is always willing to lend a paw when Erik needs help studying.

But Soren also has a fun side. We hear he’s the master of ridiculous Apples to Apples pairings.

There is no questioning who is the King of this household.

Through all the laughs and snuggles, Soren is always by Erik’s side. Erik writes, “His color has changed quite a bit, and he’s gotten bigger, but he’s still that little kitten.”

We’re sure these two will be friends for life. Now go hug your furry best friend!

All image source: ErikBurton/Imgur