When most people think of pigs, they imagine filthy animals who spend their days wallowing in mud and eating every scrap of food in sight. They see these animals as commodities that are “incapable” of feeling emotion or understanding that they are being raised to become a person’s food. However, this characterization couldn’t be further from the truth. Pigs are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They are capable of learning their names and doing tricks just like a dog. Further, they are extraordinarily emotional and have been known to sympathize with one another and show compassion. Knowing this about pigs, subjecting them to life in tiny gestation crates where they endure the repeated pain of having their babies ripped away from them – all to make pork or bacon – seems extraordinarily cruel.

Thankfully, there are many kind people who believe pigs deserve better and have dedicated their lives to seeing this to fruition. In the video above, we see Pam Ahern and the team from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary come to the aid of a mama pig, later named Carol, who gave birth in a pound. While it is unclear how the pig ended up in the pound, she had obviously experienced the horrors of factory farming in the past – but all that was behind her now.


Watching Carol walk into her new sanctuary home and call to her piglets once she was safe and sound in the straw is sure to make you smile. The maternal wisdom this mama possesses shows with such clarity, you can just tell she knows that everything has changed for her little family.

To keep up with the amazing work Edgar’s Mission does, follow them on Facebook. If you’d like to help them care for Carol and all her babies, consider making a donation to their Medical Fighting Fund, here.