We have the absolute sweetest video to share with you! You may remember the rescue of mama pig, Carol, and her piglets by Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. Carol had given birth to seven tiny piglets in a pound before Edgar’s Mission came to her aid. Now the sweet mother and her babies are safe and sound at the sanctuary. In the video above, Carol happily nurses her babies in the comfort of a straw filled stable. It almost looks like she is smiling, knowing that her babies will never be taken away from her.

Pigs often get a bad reputation as being dirty, stupid animals but in reality, they are incredibly intelligent and emotional beings. Studies have shown that pigs possess the ability to empathize with one another, they can perform tricks just like a dog, and they even come running when they hear their name. Knowing this, the above video carries an even more profound message, these are living, feeling beings. If only everyone knew how wonderful pigs are and believed that they deserve to live.


To keep up with the amazing work Edgar’s Mission does, follow them on Facebook. If you’d like to help them care for Carol and all her babies, consider making a donation to their Medical Fighting Fund, here.