When Mikey the cat lost her kittens after they were born prematurely, she was completely devastated. The new mother, who is only eight-months-old herself, was completely inconsolable and wandered the house looking for her babies long after they were gone.

Mikey’s guardian, Hilary, knew she had to do something to help her beloved cat recover from this trauma, so she got in contact with Dori’s Darlings shelter in Houston, Texas. The kind people at the shelter knew just what to do to help out this grieving mama and paired her with a group of three kittens who had just been abandoned by their mother!


Within minutes, Mikey took the kittens in as her own!

Amanda Lowe had been fostering the kittens for Dori’s Darlings for the past few weeks, and was more than happy to relinquish her duties to little Mikey.

The kittens have successfully started nursing and are thrilled to have a loving mom to snuggle with.

When Lowe met Mikey, she told the little cat, “I have some babies for you so you can be a mommy again.”  

And Mikey has become quite the mother! It is amazing to see how this little puzzle all fell into place. Enjoy your kittens, Mikey!

All image source: Kelli Nicole