Photographer Leila Jeffreys‘ childhood was anything but boring. With a father from the Isle of Man, a mother from India, and a brother from Australia, you could say that Jeffreys’ family is pretty well-traveled. In fact, Leila herself grew up in Papua New Guinea, Kashmir, and an Indian village surrounded by eclectic animals such as monkeys, mongoose, and – of course – birds.

This fascinating upbringing inspires much of her work, and can be seen most prominently in her stunning photographs. Take a look at some of the breathtaking portraits she has taken of birds from across the globe:

While this this world traveler is fond of exploring, she was also taught by her father to respect wildlife – specifically birds. 

Her father sparked her personal interest in rescuing and nursing injured or sick birds back to health.

With such a passion for feathered fowl, Jeffreys attempted to capture the spirit of each bird’s personality in her photos. 

After viewing her online gallery, we have to admit…she was pretty successful!


Jeffreys portraits have been the focus of several gallery exhibitions, one of which is currently on display in Sydney, Australia. 


Each exhibition is focused on showcasing the beautiful essence of birds of prey, cockatiels, and other incredible birds of flight.


For more birdy portraits, check out Jeffreys’ official website or follow her work through Instagram.

All image source: Leila Jeffreys / Instagram