LUSH is no ordinary cosmetics brand. Not only are their mesmerizing bath bombs and fragrant soaps handmade and labeled cruelty-free, but the company acts on their beliefs and has always had a strong stance against animal cruelty, fighting to end animal testing and protect all animals, including endangered species.

LUSH has been actively fighting to ban animal testing at the legislative level for years. There was celebratory success when the Cosmetics Directive was passed, banning animal testing within the EU and the sale of products from other countries that conduct animal testing. However, another piece of legislation contradicted this, causing LUSH to create alternative plans.


Their solution? Reward innovative scientists and advocates who are against animal testing with the generously-funded LUSH Prize, which in the past six years has already given $2 million to 76 individuals from 26 countries who are fighting against animal testing. This year’s award was $445,000 and was distributed amongst winners in five different categories: Training (for scientists who train others in humane alternatives to animal tests), Young Researchers, Public Campaigning, Lobbying, and Science. This year’s winner in the Science field was Prof. Jennifer Lewis from Harvard who fabricates the “organ-on-chip” models that can be used for drug safety testing.

Hilary Jones, ethics director at LUSH, had this to say about the company’s decision to start the LUSH Prize: “Animal rights need to be enshrined in law, otherwise they’re not rights; they’re just fake suggestions…So the goal is always to get the legislation…And we’d got the legislation. But then [we realized] that another piece of legislation can contradict it. Suddenly that goal of having animals protected by law didn’t seem enough. Then where do you go if the law isn’t good enough? That’s what made us launch the LUSH Prize.”

Being cruelty-free goes well beyond what we eat; it means being conscious that all products that we use, from clothing to furniture to soaps and cosmetics do not harm animals in any way. To learn about some more cruelty-free cosmetics brands, check this out.

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Lead Image Source: Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons