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one green planet

No matter how bad your work day is, it’s always a treat to come home to your dog’s wagging tail. But what’s your faithful friend doing in the moments before your arrival?

Watch this video to see a very loyal and well-behaved pup lying patiently as he looks at an approaching school bus that carries his young pal. He must recognize the specific motor sound of this particular bus, because somehow he knows there’s something special about it.

When the bus comes to a stop, the pup not only greets his buddy, but helps him carry his books too! This kid’s classmates must be so jealous.

This video is just a testament to dogs as man’s best friend. Dogs never fail to warm our hearts with their unconditional displays of enthusiasm and loyalty. They just love to be with their owners and will do anything to please them, asking very little in return. Isn’t that sweet?

Image source: Wikipedia