When animal rescuers came across a black and white Pit Bull on the side of the road, they could have never prepared themselves for the scene they were about to witness. The Pit Bull was nursing a two-day-old kitten as if it were her own!

Although dogs and cats are traditionally considered “enemies,” silly things like a difference in species can’t get in the way of a mother’s love.


The Pit Bull, who has been named “Pittie,” absolutely adores the kitten, “Kitty,” and has taken her on as her sole charge.

The pair is now living at the Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas. Pittie has done a great job nursing Kitty, but her milk is starting to dry up, so Kitty is being weaned with formula. 


Every night, Kitty goes home with one of the vets, Dr. Hamlin, for bottle feedings. When Kitty is gone, Pitty waits anxiously for her return.


While Pittie no longer nurses Kitty, she still performs the necessary “clean up” duties. After all, she can’t have her little kitten walking around looking like a mess!


Kitty is growing bigger and stronger every day, thanks to the care of the vet team and, of course, Pittie. The Mercy Animal Clinic team hopes to adopt Pittie and Kitty into the same home and they have a potential family lined up.

Good luck finding a forever home, Pittie and Kitty!

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All image source: Mercy Animal Clinic/Facebook