There is more great news in the fight against GMOs as the city of Los Angeles proposes a motion to ban the growth and selling of genetically modified (GM) plants and food.  This comes just days after Mexico banned GMO Corn and a few weeks before Washington State votes on I-522 GMO Labeling Initiative.


If the motion is passed, Los Angeles will become the largest GMO-Free Zone in the United States!  The motion was proposed just a few days ago by councilmen Paul Koretz and Mitch O’Farrell on Oct. 18.

The official motion calls for an ordinance to prohibit the growth of genetically modified crops within city limits.  This includes a number of other aspects of the growing process.  The ordinance would ban:

  • The planting of GM seeds
  • The sale of GM seeds by vendors
  • Tthe sale of any seeds that could potentially be contaminated by other genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • The sale of GM fruit trees and plants.

The reason for the motion is due to a combination of concern over the consumption of GMO crops, the endangerment of heirloom biodiversity, and public opinion.  Although the GMO Labeling Proposition 37 was defeated statewide last year, 52 percent of LA County voted in favor of this proposition.  Due to this failure at the state level, the councilmen wanted to give the city a chance to place its own ban on GMO crops, citing Arcata, Cali. as an example.

Councilmen O’Farrell said to The Huffington Post, “If we aren’t going to be able to rely on our state or federal leaders to do something about GMOs, we can act locally.”


By taking this local approach, councilmen O’Farrell and Paul Koretz exemplify the anti-GMO movement’s strong ties to local land.

The head of the Learning Garden and Seed Library of LA told The Huffington Post, “The pending ordinance would be symbolic more than anything else, but we do feel it’s an important step to have the second-largest city in the nation declare itself as against genetically modified seeds.”

If more cities ban GMO crops, perhaps the map of the United States would slowly fill in with GMO-Free Zones faster than waiting for federal action.  Starting from the bottom might be the way to go in the fight to ban GMO crops and food.  Whether this motion passes in Los Angeles, hopefully the mere act of it being proposed will encourage other cities to make their own GMO-Free Zones and encourage communities to stand up for their rights!

Image Source: Jon Serrao/Flickr