The world’s elephants are losing a vicious battle plagued upon by them by the greed of man. From the staggering rates of poaching for their tusks, skin, and body parts, to being violently beaten and exploited in tourist attractions like circuses and trekking expeditions, elephants are struggling to survive.

The world’s leading contributor to the ivory trade and elephant exploitation is China, and although they recently put a ban on the ivory trade, the corrupt industry still exists on the black market, and there has been a shift to selling other body parts of elephants, particularly elephant leather.

Aware of the demand for elephants in China and the profits that can be made, Laos has been illegally selling wild elephants to China. A petition on Care2 explains that the wild elephant population in Laos has dropped by more than 75 percent since the 1980s, leaving only an estimated 600-800 left in the wild. Of the few that remain, around 100 of them have been captured and sold to China in just the past few years. With rates like these, Laos’ elephant population will soon diminish in just a few years.

The petition’s author explains that international law forbids the sale of wild animals, making each of these elephant sales illegal in addition to being unethical and inhumane.

If you would like to see an end to this greed-fueled trade, please take a moment to sign this petition addressed to Laotian President, Bounnhang Vorachith, demanding the Laotian government stop sales of wild animals and punish those who participate in these international crimes.

And please share this with your network to garner more support for the planet’s elephants!

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