Brass City Rescue Alliance of Middlebury, Connecticut took in a litter of puppies this past Christmas who all had hemophilia. Simply stated, this is a condition that hinders the body’s ability to form blood clots, which can be extremely dangerous in the case of internal or external injury. Luckily, all puppies were adopted and found their forever homes, but due to the seriousness of their genetic condition, one pup named Comet has become very ill and desperately needs your help to survive.

Earlier this week, Comet’s guardians noticed he was lethargic and his gums were pale, so they brought him to the emergency room.


At the ER, it was discovered Comet had a large hematoma on his shoulder. He then received two plasma infusions, IV fluids, and medication to stabilize his blood pressure.

Comet’s health appears to be improving, but his fight is not over yet. We hope this adorable little guy recovers soon and can go back to living the life of a happy puppy.


As is typical with ER and vet bills, the charges for Comet’s hospitalization have already added up to a few thousand dollars, and the amount will likely rise since Comet may require additional time at the hospital. Brass City Rescue Alliance and Comet’s guardians are asking for donations, great or small. If you are able, you can make a donation via PayPal directly to Comet’s guardian with the information provided here.

Although they may require a little extra TLC, animals with special needs are just like any other animal. If you have a special needs animal in your life or are considering adopting an animal who requires special care, check this out for tips. And for lists of rescue organizations who specialize in saving special needs animals, visit here and here.


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All Image Source: Brass City Rescue Alliance/Facebook