South Korea is the only place in the world known to commercially produce dog meat. Dog meat can be found in meat markets, restaurants, and “health food” shops. Most of these places get their meat from the thousands of dog meat farms found across South Korea, ranging from large facilities to small-scale, backyard butcher operations. But regardless of the size of the farm the suffering and fear that these animals go through is the same. Many dogs caged in meat farms show visible signs of distress as they are trapped in small cages with several other dogs. Though their lives are short, we would never wish that sort of existence on any living creature. Luckily for these dogs, there are organizations out there who are fighting to put a stop to the dog meat trade.

When one girl, Izabella learned what happened to dogs born into the dog meat trade, she knew that she had to act. Instead of birthday presents, she asked her friends and family to donate to Guardians International, a branch of Guardians of Rescue that is dedicated to stopping the Korean dog meat trade. Her years of selflessness paid off and she was able to donate a whopping $500 to help their cause. Because of her dedication to her cause, she was allowed to adopt one rescued dog from Guardians International and that’s when she found Leilu. Izzy describes Leilu as her “soulmate” and as animal lovers, we can attest to that being the exact feeling we have when we bond with our companion animals. We wish them both all the happiness in the world.

To learn more about Guardians International, visit their official website.